Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cpt gathering 2012. (20.1.12)

Hello hello hello!Since it was CNY season,everyone came back from everywhere so we decided to have a class gathering.Sadly to say,we don't have much of this kind of gatherings.Most of the time all of us are just too occupy with our own activities or not around in Penang.I was glad that there were atleast more than five of us turn up.Catching up was good and seeing my school mates back once again was great.Appearance wise most of us has changed,better looking i would say(everyone knows how to 'ai sui' d) . xP

Gurney Paragon.

We had our dinner at Seoul Garden.Only five of us actually(Wai May,Poh Lyn,Belle,Shevern and i),the rest joined us later.Most of the pictures were on fb already.You can see it from there.I have posted it up quite some time ago.


i'm not sure what is this.

November Sea Breeze.

8 of us who managed to turn up for the gathering.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Semi-Buffet Lunch,Paradise Hotel.(20.1.12)

Paradise Hotel.

As you see there's a time limit.
Only available from 12 noon to 2.30pm and weekdays.
We got it much cheaper since we purchased it on9 using credit card.

These were our passes printed by Cheyenne.
We got it for RM16/pax.
Cheap right?
p.s : How come my face so dark here eh? =S

Cordial drinks.Free flow!

Soup and salad for Appetizers.
(There were two types of soups to choose from,
Fish soup and mushroom soup.)

All the sauces.

Ingredients for the soup.

Fruits for dessert.

Crystal serving herself a bowl of soup and a plate of salad.

I picked the mushroom soup.

Main dishes :
There were four of us so we decided to pick four different types of main dishes so that we get to taste all of it.The main dishes were non-buffet,only the soups,salads,drinks and dessert we can go for as much helping as we like.(Thats why it was called semi-buffet)

Overall :
Food was okay.Din't like the mushroom soup.Pizza was tasteless.I like both pastas and lasagna was good since it was served hot.

Oh ya Cheyenne was in Cheong Sam since we picked her up
after school and her school was having CNY celebration or something.
She was complaining and ranting how embarassing
was it for her to wear that piece of Cheong Sam to eat,
and the next amazing thing was one aunty came up to her and told her how nice was her
Cheong Sam and asked her where she got it.
Actually it was from my ex- and her current chemistry,Miss Pauline.

DFO,Tanjung Bungah.

I'm sure most of you have been to OFO(Over-run Factory Outlet) right?This is another similar one in Tanjung Bungah called DFO(Direct Factory Outlet).I think they just recently open?I don't find any nice clothing there.Only more 'tukau' shirts and remind you some of the clothes are not cheap.OFO still better,atleast their clothes are cheap,more choices and most of the items are branded.

Anyway we all find this interesting,
it's a radio Bag!Cost like RM139.
and the interesting part was u can plug in ur phone to the
wires inside the bag and music can actually be played out
through the speakers!
Cheyenne planned to get one.
(She tends to find weird stuff fascinating)

That's Vijay and Cheyenne listening to the shop worker explaining
how the bag actually works and Crystal listening to the song that plays out.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello readers!sorry for the slow in updates.Busy with visitations and outings this whole week and currently the internet in my house is very slow. =/ So i'll probably do it tonight or tomorrow.I'll be adding in a column soon under my "affiliates" to link some few famous bloggers i follow.It occurs to me somehow everyone's blog linked such people and i don't, even-though i visit their blogs very frequent.
List of my upcoming posts :
Two weeks ago.(20-22nd of Jan)
1.semi-buffet lunch at paradise hotel.
2.CPT gathering.
3.His departure.
4.Reunion Lunch.

and basically everything about this week,CNY 2012! (23-29th of Jan)

Thank God for a blessed week and an enjoyable CNY before i end this 'sit down,relax,enjoy and more spending' months.Beginning 30th(which is tomorrow),i'll start my first day of work.Wish my luck!Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bora-bora,Batu Ferringhi. (19.1.12)

I have heard Cheyenne mentioned about this place but i din't expect it was this beautiful and such an awesome chill spot.Totally looks like the rebuilt of the old Sunset Bistro which got burnt down last year.

Look at the cute handmade signboards.

Hui Wern and i. =D
Oh ya,forgotten to mention,
Our purposely was to come for the Batu Ferringhi market and shop
for some stuff.However we did not buy anything.
(except that nice turquoise dress Hwern bought xD)
Either it was too expensive or too many fake branded items.
In the end,we discovered Bora-bora instead! xD

Menu of the day.

Two of the few pages in the menu.
I only took picture of the liquor sections
as Bora-bora is more like a late night hang out spot with friends
accompany with a few bottle of drinks.

The kitchen.

Tari Cafe,Tanjung Bungah.

We bumped into Rynald as we walked out of Lone pine Hotel
as we 'curi' used the washroom.
He called me and joined us for Supper(my dinner) at Tari Cafe.
He was a freaking joker that night and we crapped
till 2 am in the morning.
Had such a great time with my babe,as usual.
Goodnight readers.