Saturday, December 31, 2011

29th of Dec

Sakae Sushi

Meeting up with two of my high school mates which both of them currently studying in Kay-elle and having their holiday break back in Penang.Have not been seeing them for quite some time already.Time to catch up with each other.We had dinner at Sakae Sushi.Honestly comparing with Sushi Zento and King's,their sushis quality really sucked bad time.


Google-ing for Jack and Jill's movie poster....

It came out Jack and Jill cartoon. xD

Stumbling down the hill.Teehee
shoooo cute.

Anyway we watched this in the cinema instead of Sherlock Holmes (which i have been anticipating to watch since before it came out).Jack and Jill was darn funny!Adam Sandler once again made me LAUGHMYASSOFF disguising both as Jack and his twin sister,Jill which he found utterly annoying since childhood.Jill's neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack,turning his normally tranquil life upside down.I think it's a must watch if you want to trigger your endorphins activation. xP

Tari Cafe,Tanjung Bungah.

I have only been to Tari Cafe once when i was very very young.
I can't even remember how the food tasted like,
good or not good i have no idea.
Yusof picked me up and we went for Supper.

Damn the burger is huge and it looks really delicious even before tasting it.

good supper i had.
but the unhealthy late night eating habit
definitely made me gain like 10kg.
(exaggerating due to guiltiness. =s)

We bought a Zoo.(28th of Dec) ♥

Hello peeps!It's Wednesday night again.
I used to go for movies on almost every Wednesday night
until i was bounded by exams. =(
But now not anymore. xD

Okay i know this is a little embarrasing to reveal,
i have never eaten Nando's before? =x
So it's not exactly weird for me to blog about it right?

Wei Xian.

1/4 platter with 2 side dishes.
I think it's very filling,isn't it?
or am i just a small portion eater? =s

We bought a zoo.

Scarlett Johansson still looks hot no matter how simple she dresses.'We bought a zoo' is a touching and remarkable story about a man named Benjamin who lost his wife in a terrible sickness.His family was in grief and he tried to bring the family together.To escape the sad reminder of his deceased wife,he bought a large house with a zoo in the backyard.Although he had no experience in handling a zoo or whatsoever,he tried his very best because he saw the happiness in his 7-years old daughter,Rosie's eyes when she played with the animals.Benjamin met the staff workers and together they worked their ass off to restore the zoo by summer.In the midst of everything,they experienced a lot of hardship due to weather,financial problems and of course struggling with emotions.The ending? xD watch and find out yourself.I think it's a great movie altogether.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Sisters' Day Out.(27th of Dec)

Hello!Crystal's finally back from Hatyai so we picked Tuesday
to have our Sisters Time.
(with Vijay tagged along as he and Crystal
are practically inseparable. -.-)

Dinner at Thai Baiyok,Heritage Club.(Thai food)

Crystal and Vijay.
Forever and always.

Kerabu. RM16
Love it.

Green Curry.RM12

Seafood Omelette. RM12

Pandan Chicken.RM12

Mixed Veggies.RM9

Comments :
Thai Baiyok's food rocks!
Highly recommended. (All prices stated for small portion)
A good place to have your family dinner or gathering.

Tong Pak Fu (I know how to read ok?)
at Pulau Tikus.

This chinese dessert shop has opened for quite sometime,
i think not many are aware of it?
They serve varies sweet desserts such as Tang Yuan,
glutinous rice balls,fruits with ice cream and so on.
It's quite a decent hang out spot if u are
looking for a non-drinking area.
Just too bad the place doesn't open 24/7.
Business is running pretty good.

Wedding dinner.(26th of Dec)

Okay my face looks so 'steam',wtv.
I just feel like editing them into 4 different colours
and combine them just for the fun of it.

Basically my family and i have this wedding dinner to attend.Not closely related but somehow we got invited.It's my mum's cousin's wedding which i have never seen or never met in my whole life or did i?Errr.... *Can't.Recall*

Venue : Red Rock Hotel AGAIN.
p.s: the last wedding dinner i've attended was also held here.

Tired of waiting for my dad to find a parking spot.
Cheyenne and i decided to go to the toilet for some vain-ing session. xp

Preferable if it was a chandelier

First dish.

Something i can't eat and did not touch a single bit.

Herbal Chicken.

Tossing session.
It wasn't towards the end.
It was in between serving of each dishes but i just inserted this pic last as
i felt it was more organise to put all the food pictures one after the next.

oh crap,i looked so steam AGAIN.
Grandma covering her mouth. =s


Before leaving,i managed to take a snap of the bride and the groom.
Bride's pretty!