Thursday, April 5, 2012

Swensen (3.3.12)

Dinner time and catch-up session with my babe! 
Always have a good time no matter how long we do not see each other and meet up once again.

Swensens,Gurney Plaza.

Having Swensens for the second time in my life.

Breaded Chicken Meuniere. RM 17.90
-Golded fried marinated chicken cutlet served with U.S fries and coleslaw.

Chicken Victoria (Healthier choice under the menu). RM17.90
-Tenderly grilled cook chicken breast meat topped with homemade Victoria sauce,served with daily vegetables and U.S potatoes.

We shared the all time favourite-Gold rush.

Review :
Price?not expensive.Most of them below RM30.Wish it comes in set meal instead.
Food taste?not bad.
Ice-cream?nice but i still love Baskin Robbins more!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All about Singapore! (Day 1-25.2.12)

Aloha!These days I'm getting tired most of the night after work. =/ Dealing with the kids is not something easy at all but one thing for sure i don't hate my work at all.My trip to Singapore was two months ago but thinking about the amount of pictures i needed to organize and upload into one post killed my enthusiasm entirely to blog.Basically i divided it into 3 posts from days 1 to 3 because of the amount of pictures. ZZZZZ.Overall my 4 days 3 nights trip was worthwhile spent,fun and definitely a good travelling experience touring ourselves by following the map!

Light packing.
The amount of clothes i've brought along.

I've missed out my first invitation to a kid's party. =(

All the teachers were invited to the party.Unfortunately i could not make it as that time i was in Sg.i still have goosebumps whenever the kids call me 'Teacher Celine.' xD

Breakfast at Penang Airport before departure.

Coffee Bean.

Daddy was smiling goodbye to us.So cute.


The queue of people going up the same flight as us to Sg.

Cheyenne and i.

On the flight.From the windscreen.

Scenic view of the sky.

Changi Airport here we are!

I've finally come to an understanding why Changi airport was rated as one of the best airports.After passing through the immigration arrival terminal,we explored around the places trying to find a shop that sells prepaid card.So many shops and dining restaurants to choose from.

We were quite lost as we had no one to tell us how to get to our hotel.Luckily a singaporean lady at the airport was kind enough to tell us how to use the public transport to get to our destination.Changi airport is divided into terminals 1,2 and 3.We sat the sky train from T2 to T3 and after arriving at the MRT station,we purchased our tickets to Bugis.

The view from the sky train.


Deserted view inside the MRT.

As we don't have any MRTs in Penang and i don't often travel to kl(don't bother by my 'noob-ness' to even blog about this refunding session), but i find it quite fascinating. =x

So we got back our change of  S$1 after returning the card to the machine.1$ is a lot for Malaysians like us since Singapore currency is much higher.My mum,Cheyenne and i,3 persons,so basically that will be a total refunding of S$3 x 2.45 = RM7.35.No point keeping the card as a souvenir since it would be useless back in Malaysia.

We've finally arrived at Bugis Junction.Very close to our hotel.

Uncle's Kitchen,Bugis Junction.

Basically too hungry to be picky,we just randomly picked a shop and had our late lunch there.

Chicken Cutlet Rice S$7.50

Nasi Bojari S$8.90

Drink S$4.50

Mum ate from another Malay Food stall. S$4.50

Outside Bugis junction.Kids were playing at the water fountain.

Gurney Plaza in Penang is also owned by Capital Mall.

Cute pet shop.

Toys and plushies for your pets.

We queued up for taxi.Our Hotel was nearby however it was not in walking distance.Walking around with the heavy luggages still attached with us was not a good option at all.


Hotel 81 Bencoolen.

Need a budget and not too pricey hotel to stay if u're here on a trip in Sg?
Hotel 81 Bencoolen is a good choice.First and foremost,the location is convenient as it is located at the city and near the MRT station including shopping malls like Iluma and Bugis Junction.
Front desk receptionists were super friendly and helpful.However do not expect much regarding the rooms in the hotel.The beds and room compartments were just average in looks and sizes.The con was the buildings surrounding the hotel is currently under construction.It was blocked up and had no main entrance at the moment.If you plan to take a taxi,probably the driver has to drop you at the back of the road.No need to be too concern about your safety as there are a lot of pedestrians(even at night) and Singapore's crime rate is consider as one of the lowest country in the world. =D

Inside the hotel room.

Made a quick change as a friend of mum who is currently living in Singapore was on her way to pick us up for a tour at Orchard Street.

She brought us to the Singapore Visitors Centre to ask some information.
The woman in the centre was really really helpful as she briefed and planned out our journey for the following days so that we can travel conveniently.I listed out the places i wanted to go then she arranged it for me.After getting it sorted out,we explored around orchard street.Most of the things were not affordable even though there were a wide range of choices considering all the brands they had there from Channel,Louis Vuitton,Miu Miu and so on.Heaven to all women. =O

Busy streets in orchard road.International people can be seen walking everywhere.

A street performer playing the ukulele.

My shop! =D

Look at the queue!My mother's friend had a V.I.P access to Channel as she is a regular customer.
We managed to get into the shop without lining up. xP

ION mall at orchard street.

Underground access to the mall across the road.
Shielding you from 'kena-ing' the hot sun.
They should build this in Penang!

Available brands.

We went to Sephora.
Bought some souvenirs for friends back in Penang.

Marina Bay Sands.

We took the cab to Marina Bay Sands.Unfortunately when we reached there, the queue lining up to the Skypark was full of people so we did not go up.Marina Bay Sands is the world's most expensive casino with the property cost of S$8billion.The total area of the resort is 20 hectares.The resort consists of casino,a hotel with 2,561 rooms,convention and exhibition centre which is spread over 120,000 sq.m area,shopping malls,a unique art and science museum,two sand theatres,seven celebrity chef restaurants,two floating pavilions.The casino is so big that there are 500 tables arranged and 1600 slot machines are operating.At the top of the complex there is the most amazing feature of the resort,a park which is named Sky Park.This park has the capacity of 3,900 people.
Entrance fees are S$20 for adults and S$14 for children between 2 to 12 years old.
S$17 for senior citizens 65 years and above.
Opening from 9.30am till 10pm on Monday to Thursday and 9.30am to 11pm on Friday and weekends.

The interiors were amazing.

Louis Vuitton shop by the sea.

Reminds me a lot of Sydney,Australia.

Artscience Museum.

Was so disappointed.Unfortunately it was closed on the day we went.
Did not get to see the Titanic 'The Artifact Exhibition' in that month celebrating the 100th Anniversary.


They had an Esplanade Mall in their Esplanade.

March Schedules for all the performances in the theater.

The Cookie Museum,Esplanade Mall.

At first i thought it was really a museum when i saw it from the brochure.
It turned out to be just a big shop that sells expensive cookies.

Performance outside the Esplanade Mall.

On the way to Merlion Park,we got ourselves snacks.

They sell this on the street everywhere in Singapore.
You can either choose to have your cube-sized ice-cream with bread or those waffles biscuits.
S$1.00 each.
Really yummy.

Beautiful and grand Fullerton Hotel.
Snapped a picture of it while i was walking to Merlion Park.

Merlion Park.


We had a glimpse of Chinatown from the taxi window 
and did not manage to drop a visit due to lack of time.

Clarke Quay.

We took the cab to Clarke Quay.

It was really nothing like Straits Quay back in Penang.
Full of people on a Saturday night.

Singapore's Bungy rides.

I think i'll have a heart-attack getting on that thing.

Heritage building.

Central Mall.

Located across Clarke Quay.

Cheyenne scruntinizing the Valentine's locks.
By the time we've reached there,most of the food shop were closing.
Once again we took the cab back to Bugis.

Bugis Street.

You can purchase a lot of cheap items here.
In fact the things in Bugis Street were much cheaper than things in Pasar malam back in Penang.
However after the conversion,it was not really worth buying anything.

Freshly Blended Kiwi Fruit Juice from Bugis Street.
Selling all types of juices from Kiwi,Mango,Papaya and so on.
Only S$1.00 per cup.

Long John Silver's.

Was really hungry.It was passed dinner time.Most of the shops were closed.Wanted to try something different and not available in Penang,we decided to crash in this fast food shop instead.

Deep Sea Grilled Fish.

Cheesy Fries and Chips Combo.
Tasted like potato chips with lotsa melted cheeseeee.

Somemore 'tapau' back to munch inside the Hotel room.

Finally get to see more Heritage shoplots!

Singapore Chicken Rice.
Looks really different,but not bad at all.Portion super big.

Places and lacations highlighted on day 1 :
Penang Airport.
Changi Airport.
Bugis Junction/Uncle's Kitchen.
Hotel 81 Bencoolen.
Singapore Visitors Centre/Orchard Street/ION Mall.
Marina Bay Sands.
The Artscience Museum.
Esplanade/Esplanade Mall.
Merlion Park.
Clarke quay/Central Mall.
Bugis Street/Long John Silver's.

Stay tune for Days 2 and 3.