Sunday, June 24, 2012

Helen's Handmade Bear Exhibition @ Ferringhi Garden (21.4.12)

As you can see,this was some time ago.Saw someone posted the exhibition flyer in facebook,it caught my attention.Decided to have a look since i just adore handmade bears!The exhibition was located on the upper floor of Ferringhi Garden Restaurant.The restaurant was so beautiful with the lightings on and decorated with plants and pots.As i have never dine in the restaurant before,i can't give my personal reviews of the food.But the place was just perfect for a night of romantic candle light dinner with your love ones.  

Helen's guest 'book'.

Reminds me of the couple bear from the Korean Drama 'Gong'.
These two bears were the most expensive bears in the entire collection.

Biggest bear in the exhibition.

Cost like RM1600.

Bear paintings.

All of the above was not for sale as it was personal collection.

Interested to adopt a bear?

Love the bears!Oh ya the earnings from the bears will be contributed to 'Children's Protection Society Penang'.So basically you are adopting a bear for a good cause!

He loves the bear too! =D

Friday, June 15, 2012

ntv7 Yuan Carnival & Soho Country House @ Auto City. (15.4.12)

Went to the 圆游会 @ Autocity.Nothing much and i don't see anything interesting in the bazaar except some stores selling cute handmade bears and accessories.Other stalls were mostly selling local food and tidbits.The carnival was divided into few zones from entertainment,fun to educational zones.For more info just click on the website as i am currently too lazy to elaborate about the whole thing. 

Event listing/Timetable.
Saw Mei Jun as she was there to meet her fans.

Tempted for something cold as the weather was so hot.Saw everyone was eating this snow ice.

Green tea for me and Mango for Rong Yao.
Did not taste as nice as it looked.

Soho Country House

Been wanting to dine in at Soho badly as i saw good reviews in blogs regarding their food.

Soho Country House is definitely nicer and bigger than Soho Free House @ Penang Road.

The bar.

Upper Floor

Pool tables.

Click for larger image to view the menu.

Bombay Sapphire  RM15/glass

Old Style Shepherd's Pie(Chicken or lamb)  RM13.50
-A true classic British dish of tender minced meat in a secret highland sauce,covered with garden peas and a crisp green salad.

Fish 'N' Chips  RM14.50
-Soho-fried fish fillets in a crisp yellow batter,served with a lashings of salts & vinegar.

Apple Pie & Custard   RM7
-A Classic British flavourite.

Don't think their website is very up to date but u can click for more info.
As i have mentioned earlier,the other branches are Soho Free House(Penang Road),QE II (Weld Quay), Chin Chin Bar (Weld Quay) and Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine (Weld Quay).And another newly open Soho branch is at Precinct 10.
Business hours : 12pm - 12am.(daily)

Review :
Love the food!Especially their famous Shepherd's Pie!It's a MUST-TRY!
If you want to dine peacefully,must go in the afternoon or evening for a quiet atmosphere.
Service was good,people were friendly and it wasn't too long till the food were served on our table.
Food is not pricey but portion average.
Government & Service taxes included.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


See that shirt Eugene's wearing with a huge giraffe and capital font stated 'MELMAN LOOI'?Yea we decorated it specially for him.Celebrated his birthday with the rest of the youth.
All of us looked so happy.So blessed to have them in my life. 

Went for Supper with Xian @ Burger King,Sungai Pinang.

Double deal for only RM9.99++(After taxes)

Too guilty to go to bed immediately after having my burger and chips.Decided to play this movie and watch while waiting for my food to digest.I would say it was definitely one of the best movies for me that released in 2011.The plot was nothing special and another chick-flick.
Synopsis : 'Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex,her best friend Darcy's fiance.'
Kate Hudson acting as Darcy,Rachel's best friend can be such a b**** in this show.The film ended with an ambiguous scene as they ran into each other on the street after not talking for two months due to Darcy finding out Rachel slept with Dex.But seriously what can you do when you know you are in love with your best friend's guy and he loves you back and your best friend is a total selfish b**** in both her friendship and relationship?What would u choose?

Rating : 9.5/10. I'll probably get the book in my hands soon! 

Darcy and Rachel.

Monday, June 11, 2012


A new Roxy and Quicksilver store was unravelled in Gurney Plaza.The opening ceremony was on the 24th of March.Sad to say i was in mainland that day and missed out the buy 2 free 2 opening sales!Grrrrr....
Anyway all these pictures were taken from THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF QUICKSILVER AND ROXY MALAYSIA.

CEO of Urban Surf.

I'm supposed to be one of those people lining up. T.T

Customers enjoying the buy 2 free 2 sales. T.T i want to be there too!

And since i did not managed to go the opening sales i bought some stuff during the buy 2 free 1 sales instead in April.


With the purchase of RM350 & above,i was able to sign up for the membership card. =D
It need not be in a single receipt.You can collect those receipts after your few trips of purchases until you've reached a total amount of RM350 and sign up for the membership but it has to be within 3 months period.

What are the privileges of the card?

Another special promotion celebrating their 17 years in Malaysia.
Gotten myself a beach dress and a Roxy sweater for RM17! =D

I love Roxy!