Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salsas Restaurant. (4.2.12)

My mum's friend invited us for lunch at this particular restaurant,Salsas.It is not a new restaurant and many have blogged about it.But as it is my first time dining at this place,i decided to write something about it as well.The restaurant is located at the ground floor of Continental Hotel,Upper Penang Road.i'm surprised by how well the business runs during lunch hour.But after looking through the menu, the price seems reasonable enough for workers nearby to dine in at this place,some even made early reservations as the place is quite small.

You can basically choose between the salad or soup.

Comments :
The set lunch is just like any other set lunches come together with appetizer,drinks,main course and dessert.
Prices beginning from rm13.50 ++ to rm25.50 ++
The dining area is comfortable and most importantly it is an air conditioned and non-smoking area.What upset me the most was the service.I shall not elaborate further.How good the food tasted might be important but customers receiving friendly treatment is equally important.This really planted an impact and made me think twice to come again.As for the taste of the food?average for the main course but the dessert is really yummy.Thumbs up to that. =D

Went to APT after that with both my sisters
for a hair cut by the APT students.
Only cost RM5 per person including wash and blow.
I like how in place and smooth my hair gets after the session.
Maybe i should consider coming for wash and blow next time without cutting it
whenever i have an important function to attend.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Inserted advertlets.According Crystal you can actually earn faster through advertlets than nuffnang?Decided to try it out and see if my earning increases.Pasted a Favicon.I have settled down for a simple heart-shape picture instead.I picked so many beautiful tumblr photos but after i generated it into favicon somehow all of them turned so tiny and invisible to the eyes. ='( big SIGH.Besides that,i have changed my entire blog font.What do you think?easier to read my posts now? =)




Being a teacher for just the second week,i've finally realized how easy and precisely normal it was for a a teacher to particular 'sayang' this student more than the other.Thats why a teacher's pet exists practically in all schools.However,the same thing happens the other way around.A student has their own favourite teacher as well(i wish i am my own students favourite teacher,tsk tsk tsk....hmmm... xP).On the second day of work,welll i still have my fake tattoo(the butterfly one) attached to the left side of my skin.I wore a black collar-T but it was unbutton,apparently idkwhykidssosmartthesedays, a small little girl asked me why do i have a tattoo. =.= So i hesitated and said slowly and carefully that it wasn't a tattoo but just a sticker(well it was partly true right? xP).Well a teacher having a tattoo isn't the most decent thing so i removed it the minute i got home.Anyway below here are some pictures of the kids in the school i'm teaching :

Adam.One of my favourite students. xP
he has the best command of english among my 5 standard 2 students.
And apparently i found out his brother was my junior in Saints!

The cute little girl who loves to sing.
She is so darn adorable.
and she loves long hair teachers and constantly playing with my hair
and showers me with praises of how beautiful my hair looks....
tsk tsk tsk.. *shy xD
Her daddy is a chef in Chinahouse!

She loves teachers with earrings.haha.
Always fumbling with my earrings and
whenever i asked for a hug she will give me a real BIG one!

The school hired some dragon dancers on the first week i came to work.
All the kids were excited but of course some were scared and cried.
(as u have seen the picture on the left)Kids....who can you blame?hmmm...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Georgetown Festival 12'- 人日 (29.1.12)

Eventhough it stated CNY cultural and Heritage celebration but according to Cheyenne's friend it is actually the celebration of renri?i'm not exactly sure but wtv it is i've decided to call it 'renri' from now on since 29th is really the seventh of zhengyue.This year is my second time attending this 'Renri' festival in Georgetown.This event is held yearly and usually in the month of February.What exactly is 'Renri'? 'Renri' also known as Human day refers specially to the 7th day of zhengyue.According to the chinese customs,renri was the day human beings were created.It is celebrated not only in China,but also other religions influenced by Chinese culture.The belief that each animal and human were created on different days :

First of zhengyue : chicken
Second of zhengyue : dog
Third of zhengyue : boar
Fourth of zhengyue : sheep
Fifth of zhengyue : cow
Sixth of zhengyue : dog
Seventh of zhengyue : human

Interesting isn't it?I might be a Christian and should not believe in all of these customs but i still find chinese cultures beautiful yet with a blend of tedious rules.To the bottom of everything,i am still a chinese and proud to be one(even if i do complain sometimes about ang mohs having a nicer skin tone,hair colour and eyes. =x)

Cartoon street painter.

Along the streets there were handmade bazaars.

Some contest Wei Xian and i entered for fun.
Organised by Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya.
Din't really have the intention of winning but we might just get lucky right? xP

Signing myself up.

People playing Chinese yo-yo or also known as 扯铃.

Papers of calligraphies attached to the dragon's body.

Anyone can write and it's for free!
Wanna practice ur calligraphy? =D

Real human chinese chess.

see the soldiers standing?
They move around according to where the player commands them to move.

Look at the crowd.

Dragon's body full of yu san.

Bumped into Melissa AGAIN!
Just like last year.
We both love attending events.especially one that is
organised by UNESCO.

Inside Khoo Kongsi.

Inside was so beautifully decorated.
Can't help but take a few shots of myself with the colourful lanterns!

Kids playing Congkak.

Shop 14.

Entrance to Cheah Kongsi.

Inside Cheah Kongsi.

So beautiful!
The site here was definitely better than last year's!


Overall i still think last year's RENRI was better
and of course there were more things to see.
but anyhow i still wanna come again next year if i am still in Penang.
*touchwood =x