Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus / Salon Concept (22.4.12)

Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus

The bar.

Pool table!

Cute wallpaper.

Meaningful quotes.

Saw the menu posted on their fb page.
Decided to have a try.

Ice Lemon Tea.
Basically u can choose between that,coffee or tea.

Homemade soup.

Fried Citrus Fish with Mashed Potato.

Oriental Chicken Chop with French Fries.

Dessert,ice cream.

Salon Concept/Dee Beauty

After having lunch with my babe,we went to the salon to make-over our hair at Salon Concept/Dee Beauty located at Fettes Park,Tanjung Tokong(near James Foo Western Food).Was pretty indecisive whether to curl or dye it.In the end,i've decided to curl it instead then probably few months later dye it again.

Contact Number : Johnny Tan, 017-4855295/04-8905181
You may call in for appointment as the salon gets really pack on weekends.Hairstylist is friendly and the charges are quite reasonable.They provide beauty classes and skincare treatments as well that's why the shop is called Dee Beauty at the same time.

My hairstylist,Johnny Tan doing my hair for me.


Wavy curls.Kinda disappointed cause it will probably last for a month or two only? =(

What do you think?I look better in straight or curls?


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